Jon Gustafsson is a writer, director and a producer. He studied at the Manchester Metropolitan University in the U.K. and California Institute of the Arts in the U.S.A. While at Cal Arts, Jon was mentored by a legendary Ealing Studios director Alexander Mackendrick. After graduating from the film school Jon directed several documentaries in Iceland regarding different subjects, including environmental matters, medical issues, human rights and more. His first feature film, “Kanadiana”, was made in Canada with support of Telefilm Canada and Manitoba Film & Music. “Kanadiana” was invited to many film festivals around the world, including UK, Ireland, Iran, Egypt and India. The film won several awards. In Canada Jon made the documentary “The Importance of Being Icelandic” for the CBC. He also directed the music video ‘Brighter Hell’ for The Watchmen and received the Blizzard Award for it. In 2001 Jon founded the Gimli Film Festival and served as the festival director for the first three years. In 2004 Jon played one of Beowulf’s Warriors in the epic film “Beowulf & Grendel” starring Gerard Butler. Jon made the award-winning documentary “Wrath of Gods” about the dramatic production of Beowulf & Grendel and Gerard Butler became a co-producer of the documentary. Wrath of Gods was invited numerous film festivals around the world, including UK, USA, Portugal and Poland and received six awards. It was broadcast by RUV and the CBC. Jon is the owner of Artio Films.